3D Portfolio - Desktop, Phone & VR

Demos: Desktop Web Browser (WebGL)

The first demo is a building configurator, the 2nd a 3d avatar that you can put hats on and write on the sign he is holding and the third a world location visualization globe . These all run in the browser just like a normal web site.

Virtual Reality on Vive and/or Oculus Rift

Dealey Plaza Paintball: Virtual tourism and gaming in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, site of the assassination of JFK.

Sacred Geometry Workshop: Hands on learning and exploration of sacred geometry in Virtual Reality.

360 Panoramas or Photospheres

These 360 photos give potential clients a good idea what this CMM company can show them hands-on in their demo showroom.

Phone Apps and Games

This is a fun game that also promotes a business.

Virtual Reality Phone Apps

This is a game for google cardboard that is family friendly and easy to use. Shoot the balloons by looking at them.


These are people who have been scanned into 3d for use in virtual reality, 3d on the web or to be printed out on a 3d printer.



The iphone was created in 3d, the 3d printer was a rapid prototype object and the sword was a raw scan of a real object that has not been enhanced for realism.